Research Team

COERD is composed of highly motivated individuals from diverse backgrounds coming together into a versatile research unit – each member playing integral roles such as running clinical studies, diagnostic services, data analysis, management, and publishing research findings. Each faculty member, staff, and trainee strives to maintain and conduct high quality research. At COERD, we value the relationships and mentorship we have within the group and with collaborators; working together to allow for individual growth at all stages of their careers while gaining new insight and knowledge on the research conducted. We aim for a conducive community where passion for research is nurtured into ground-breaking health interventions and environmental policies. Beyond the lab, the COERD team improves awareness on inhaled toxicants, allergies, and pollution through conferences, publications, social media presence, and commentary focused on these topics.

COERD May 2017

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COERD alumni

Nick Birger Jessie Dhillon Tyrone Maguire Francesco Sava Vincent Zenarosa
Scott Brown Anne Dybuncio Bianca Malouf Catherine Steer Zhihong Zhang
Leslie Chan Elkie Fung Zahra Mamdani Helen Ward Jeff Zong
Sarah Charlesworth Erica Jelly Jasjit Singh Mankoo Sze Wing Wong  Xin Zhang
Arminta Chicka Meaghan MacNutt Minh Nguyen Masatsugu Yamamoto  Tonje Steensen
Rachel Cliff Ali Hosseini Evelyn Gunawan Marabeth Kramer  Darren Sutherland
Olga Pena Astrid Van Beirs Nirmal Sadasivuni Adrian Karunaratne Jason (Jin) Zhou
Mitch Syberg-Olsen Berling Chen Robbin Klaassen Andrew Lee Sarah Koch
Mandy Pui Christina Gu Zahra Jalali