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Would you lock yourself in a box of smog–for science?

If you could teleport inside a polluted box to save lives, would you? Learn more about why our research is crucial, and why public engagement is an important part of our work.

Why Does Air Pollution Matter? – Canadian Lung Association

What exactly does traffic do to your lungs?  See how Dr. Carlsten uses his air pollution exposure lab to find out just how diesel fumes affect our lungs.

Effects of Air Pollution on Human Lungs – 2015 AllerGen HQP Video Competition (Ali Hoseinni)

What do we do? We specialize in controlled human exposure models to various inhaled toxicants, including air pollutants, allergens, and phthalates. Come watch what our research is all about.

The Phthalate Song – 2016 AllerGen HQP Video Competition Winners (Evelyn Gunawan, Min Hyung Ryu, Agnes Yuen)

Do you know what phthalates are?  Watch and learn with the COERD team!

News stories

  • 2018/07/12 Pinpointing patients most at-risk from pollution exposure.

Radio/video interviews

  • 2018/09/30 – Did the smoky summer leave you short of breath? Hear a doctor explain why that happens.


  • 2017/09/07  Smokey air from wildfires getting you down? Global News Hour at 6, Global

  • 2017/08/05 – An Air Quality Advisory is In Effect, The Jill Bennett Show, CKNW News Talk AM 980

  • 2017/08/01 Smoke, heat, pets. Learning coding., BC Almanac with Gloria Macarenko, CBC

  • 2017/08/01 – Air Quality Issue, The Early Edition, CBC

  • 2017/08/01 – 2017/08/01 Air quality advisory continues for Lower Mainland, CTV News Vancouver, CTV

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  • 2017/07/07 Air Quality Advisory for Metro Vancouver,Fraser Valley, The Jon McComb Show, CKNW News Talk AM980

  • 2017/06/24 is experiencing a heatwave this weekend, how can we stay safe this weekend and what health concerns are there?, The Weekend Show with Tim Dickert, CKNW News Talk AM980

  • 2017/06/23 Safer marijuana use. Fun in the heat., CBC News, CBC

  • 2016/02/18 The Effects of Inhaling Air Pollution, Moncrieff, Newstalk (Ireland National Radio Station)

  • 2015/07/17 What are the health risks of inhaling smokey air? CTV News, CTV

Article with Video:

  • 2015/07/10 How to Reduce Health Effects of Forest Fires, (5 interviews with CBC Radio):
    • The Early Edition (Vancouver);
    • On the Island (Victoria);
    • Daybreak Kamloops;
    • Daybreak South (Kelowna);
    • Daybreak North (Prince George);
  • 2015/01/08 Short-term diesel exhaust inhalation in a controlled human crossover study is associated with changes in DNA methylation of circulating mononuclear cells in asthmatics, CBC radio, CBC
  • 2014/05/27 Impact of Diesel Exhaust, The Early Edition, CBC Radio
  • 2013/01/24 Persistent haze in China, The Early Edition, CBC Radio
  • 2013/05/01 Asthma & pets, CBC Radio, CBC

Text Interviews

  • 2017/08/09  Air pollution experts warn of smokier B.C. cities in future as climate changes, The Georgia Straight

  • 2017/08/09 Smoky summer skies a new reality for B.C., Metro News

  • 2017/08/03 How to stay safe in smoky air: Tips from health experts, CBC News – British Columbia

  • 2017/07/08 BC wildfires and floods show climate chaos is upon us, The Georgia Straight

  • 2017/06/28 BC’s official tree is a source of health problems for many in forestry industry., Vancouver Sun

  • 2017/06/23 UBC finds potential biomarker for a surprising health hazard, UBC Communications

  • 2017/01/23 Imminent, ‘bloody criminal’ Langley Township interchange angers ailing residents., The Vancouver Sun

  • 2016/07/11 Y’all have it worse than us, Texan says of Ottawa’s steamy weather, Ottawa Citizen

  • 2016/05/02 Spring heatwave brings health concerns for Vancouverites, 24 Hours

  • 2016/02/11 The tiny changes air pollution, BBC

  • 2015/12/22 Big Idea: Pollution can be inherited, Popular Science

  • 2015/12/16 We talked to the Albertans selling bottled air to China – and despite all indications to the contrary, it’s not a hoax, National Post

  • 2015/07/24 Okanagan residents learn to live with threat of fire,

  • Squamish Chief (2015/07/09)

  • 2015/07/06 Experts voice fears for B.C.’s climate future, as western wildfires rage, National Observer

  • 2015/07/05 B.C. fires: smoky skies and how to avoid them, CBC News

  • 2015/03/04 Four-alarm fire shuts down part of Vancouver’s downtown port area, The Globe and Mail

  • 2015/03/04 Chemical fire at Port Metro Vancouver, News1130

  • 2015/02/20 Understanding asthma risk – Genetic factors may help predict which children will develop pollution-related asthma, CIHR

  • 2015/01/29 Air pollution actually messes with your genes,

  • 2015/01/08 Diesel fumes could cause changes in DNA methylation, The Ubyssey

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  • Newsland (Russia)
  • 2015/01/08 Globe and Mail; Diesel exhaust a danger after 2 hours, indicates UBC study, CBC News Website

  • 2015/01/07 Air pollution can cause harm to DNA, UBC study finds, The Globe and Mail

  • 2014/11/19 How Doctors Learn: Inside Story on Continuing Medical Education (CME) About Air Pollution and Asthma,

How Doctors Learn: Inside Story on Continuing Medical Education (CME) About Air Pollution and Asthma

  • 2014/04/28 Pollen seasons changing, asthma and allergy rates on the rise

  • 2013/11/14. Building an Airtight Case: Do Environmental Factors Cause or Exacerbate Asthma, UBC medicine magazine.

  • 2012/06/25. Study: Living with dogs may help guard against respiratory virus, The California Watch.

  • 2012/06/15. Himalayan salt cave for relaxation and healing; is there such a thing as a sodium chloride superfix?, The Vancouver Sun.

Himalayan salt cave for relaxation and healing; is there such a thing as a sodium chloride superfix?

  • 2012/05/21.  Allergy sufferers, brace yourselves for the Summer of the Sneeze, The Globe and Mail.

  • 2012 (others).
    Reaction to air pollution linked to genetics, the David Suzuki foundation.
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The breath-taking price of air pollution on people with asthma, Sing Tao newspaper.
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